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A Satellite IoT Lab for the public sector

A new generation of small satellites will bring opportunities in satellite IoT connectivity and will open up a global IoT market to major sectors in society, specially in those areas that are not in the 10% of the worlds surface that has GSM or terrestrial communication networks.

The next gen Satellite IoT will bring low cost IoT connectivity from power efficient devices and will enable an enormous increase in data points around the world sending back sensor data. Combined with the latest data analytics and AI technology, this will lead to improved tools for monitoring and trend forecasting that will create huge value for all kind of sectors in society, like the transportation sectors, Maritime or Logistics

An important part of the value of satellite IoT will be created in the public sectors like weather and climate, public infrastructure, watermanagement, and smart agriculure, and can provide a major contribution to achieve global goals.

Not everybody in the public sector has realized the possibilities of satellite IoT yet. That is the main reason we founded SatIoTLab and put an emphasis on education in this early stage. We will start with a series of webinars to present you the latest knowhow on satellite IoT communications, and how it can contribute to the development new and global applications for the public sector.

Satellite IoT Masterclasses

The SatIoT value chain is very complex with a lot of options at the sensing, network, service and application layer of the IoT solution.
What sensor should I choose? What satellite network? How and where to do my data analytics? And who makes the dashboard? The choices differ per solution and need to be based on a good understanding of particular public vertical. And what about the ROI of the IoT application or the value it brings to the organisation?

We will deal with all these issues based on our more then 25 years of experience in satellite IoT, in a series of satellite IoT Masterclasses starting Mai 2020.

New! online Masterclass:
"How to create value with Satellite IoT Applications"

A must for all professionals in the public sector and all companies
and organisations in the IoT value chain!


(Our May class is already full, register now for June or July 2020!)

Building Satellite IoT Value Chain partnerships

A full satellite IoT solution is the result of a co-creation process between customers (in this case public or government organisations) in a close partnership of sensor manufacturers, integrators, satellite network operators, data analytics companies and software designers. The establishment of these value chains partnerships is different for each IoT solution and is done only with certified partners..

Goal of the Sat IoT Lab is to facilitate this co-creation process, providing the proper technical tools for the solution, and finding the right partners and to improve the co-operation between value chain partners in a mutual benificial co-operation.

Our presentations

@ Meteorological Technology World Expo

After our presentations in Amsterdam (2018) and Geneva (2019), providing an overview of the next generation satellite IoT systems, we are now looking forward to the 2020 WMO conference.


Presentation of SatIoTLab on the next generation Sat-IoT networks at the EuroSatcomm conference 2019 in Amsterdam.

@NLSPACE New Year Reception 2020

Presentation on: "How does the satellite IoT market look in 2040?"

SatIoT Video Channel

We curated the largest collection of satellite IoT related video's you can find on the web! Click here and watch Satellite IoT video playlist with more then 250 Satellite IoT videos.

Our Satellite IoT Publications

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